Community Resources

MARTA Mobility

Transportation for people with disabilities, who are unable to board, ride or disembark from an accessible vehicle in MARTA’s regular bus or rail services.


Dial-a-Ride Transportation (DARTs)

Fulton County Office of Aging offers limited, non-medical transportation within Fulton County. Call 404-613-6000 for updated information about enrollment and scheduling.


In Home Care

Typically medical insurance such as Medicare or Medicaid does not cover in home care (providers that assist for several hours at a time with personal care, homemaker duties, meal prep or companionship/supervision). We are able to offer limited support. Other community programs include Community Care Services Program (CCSP) and SOURCE.


Insurance Questions

GeorgiaCares is a volunteer-based program that provides free, unbiased and factual information and assistance to Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers about Medicare, Medicaid and related health insurance issues including long-term care insurance, prescription drug assistance programs and Medicare fraud, error and abuse. Call 1-866-55AGING (2-4464) or visit


Food stamps/SNAP

Households where everyone is 60 or older and income eligible, and no one is working can go online to to apply or they can do a Senior SNAP application, which is a more simplified application. Please click on the link below to get more information and to get a copy of the application.



There are several types of housing for seniors in North Fulton: independent, personal care homes, assisted living and nursing home level of care. Please call to discuss.


Subsidized Housing: Housing where, in broad terms, rent is calculated by subtracting allowed medical expenses from income. Rent is typically 30% of the remainder. There are income, age and disability guidelines. In North Fulton, the following communities would be considered subsidized housing:



*As of January 2016 wait lists were closed.

Please check with each community for the current status of their wait lists.


Tax Credit Housing: Housing where income has to fall into a certain bracket to qualify; and if it does, rent is set at below market value. Tax credit apartments can come in different increments (50% tax credit, 60% tax credit, etc.) and the lower the percentage the lower the rent.


Housing Choice Vouchers: This is a form of subsidized housing where vouchers are available to use on an apartment anywhere in a community, within certain guidelines. The voucher program provider will indicate the number of eligible bedrooms in the apartment/home, the cost and the location. The rent is based upon income and allowable medical expenses. These vouchers are often provided by Housing Authorities and at this time there are no waitlists open for housing vouchers in North Fulton.